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Hawthorn Iron Laminated Chef Knife

Hawthorn Iron Laminated Chef Knife


This large chef knife is hand forged from laminated steel; an iron jacket on either side of a Japanese Blue Super carbon steel core. This large chef knife is heavy at the spine and very thin behind the edge for cutting performance. The iron has been cold forged and the bevels have been hand polished on whetstones. The handle is handmade from a gorgeous piece of British Hawthorn with a stainless steel cap and dark brown liner. 


This blade is made with high carbon steel which, unlike stainless steel, is 'reactive'; this means the blade will develop a patina, changing the appearance of the blade surface as you use it (see T&C's). I prefer to work with high carbon steels over stainless steels due to their incredible edge retention and ease of sharpening at home.


This blade can rust if not properly cared for. Handwash only


Total length: 350mm

Blade length: 215mm

Depth at heel: 55mm

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