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I am a bladesmith based in Cockpit Studios, South London.

I work alone and don't produce large volumes but try to release work in small batches. All of my available work is listed on my shop page.

If you'd like to hear from me when my shop gets updated please sign up to my newsletter. You won't hear from me too often, but you'll be first to know when I add new knives to the shop.

If you'd like to keep an eye on what I have in the pipeline, I try to keep my Instagram page updated with progress in the stories.

I make hand forged blades using carbon steels known for their durability and edge retention and I fit them with handles made from native timbers sourced from family run sawmills in England. I am inspired by principles of heirloom design to make quality tools which, when cared for, will last for many years.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

I hadn't thought much about knives before 2010 when I had a chance encounter with a hobbyist knife maker in the US. That meeting left me curious. I was drawn to the idea of making something so utilitarian but with no background in craft or making of any kind I  had no idea how to get started and looked to books and online forums for guidance. 


By 2016 I had made a few rudimentary knives with hand tools and forged a single knife on one-day course with Owen Bush.


In January 2018 I moved to Scotland to undertake a City & Guilds Level 2 qualification in Forgework. This was my foundational introduction to forging. Knife making was not part of the curriculum but completing the course gave me the confidence I needed to apply for work in the field.


I then spent three years working for Blenheim Forge making their Japanese influenced kitchen knives. Everything I know now, from heat treating to handle finishing, is built on what I learned with them. Working at Blenheim Forge gave me the opportunity to develop my own work out of hours and pushed me further to make the high-performance knives I make today.

In September 2020 I was delighted to recieve the Cockpit Arts/Newby Trust Craft Excellence Award. I have since been working full time from my own workshop in Cockpit Studios.

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