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Spalted Beech Utility Knife

Spalted Beech Utility Knife


This utility knife is hand forged from from homemade laminate, using a layer of mild steel over either side of a 26c3 core.


It's a nice general purpose knife, larger than a paring knife but smaller than a chef, and ground very thin behind the edge for cutting performance.


The handle is handmade with spalted beech from Scotland and a steel cap and pin. The lines and colouring in the wood are the result of different fungal species interacting while the tree was decaying. The decayed wood has been treated with a plant based resin to make it a durable handle material.


Total length: 280mm

Blade length: 160mm

Depth at heel: 43mm

Thickest at spine: 3mm


Note: this blade is made with carbon steel which, unlike stainless steel, is 'reactive'; this means the blade will develop a patina and will change the appearance of the blade surface over time and can rust if not properly cared for.

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