Koa Chef Knife

This chef knife is hand forged from my own blend of mild steels and nickel with a high carbon steel core. It's got a lovely forged taper, a heavier weight than my usual chef knives. The handle from piece of koa I picked up when I was at Blade Show in the US. I try to use only locally sourced, felled timbers and slightly regret buying this little block of wood, but it was so glam I momentarily lost my principles, and decided it was 'local' enought to me while I was there. Doh!


Total length: 300mm

Blade length: 170mm 

Depth at heel: 45mm 


Note: this blade is made with carbon steel which, unlike stainless steel, is 'reactive'; this means the blade will develop a patina and will change the appearance of the blade surface over time and can rust if not properly cared for.

Koa Chef Knife