Damascus English Walnut Baby Chef

This little baby chef knife is hand forged from my own blend of damascus steel, made of varying layers of mild steel and nickel over a high carbon steel core. This blade is smaller in length than my usual chef knives but still has depth at the heel for knuckle clearance on the chopping board. This knife is ground very thin for cutting performance. The ferrule is made from 5700 year old bog yew, and the main handle body is stabalised English Walnut with a stainless steel pin. (I haven't burnt it, it's just the glamourous ways of natural English walnut)


Total length: 245mm

Blade length: 130mm 

Depth at heel: 35mm 


Note: This blade is made with carbon steel which, unlike stainless steel, is 'reactive'; this means the blade will develop a patina and will change the appearance of the blade surface over time and can rust if not properly cared for.  Handwash only.

Damascus English Walnut Baby Chef